Sunday, September 25, 2016

Diving In The Similan Islands Is Awesome.

Diving in the Similan islands is awesome.  Its a magic place that will always be always with you. The similan and Surin islands offer the best diving there is. These are what Thailand liveaboaerds are all about.

Phuket Thailand has many great locations that will make you want more and more. Its a place you will never want to leave. The similans offer a diving trip that will stay with you always.

A similan island liveaboard will take you to places that you will only dream of. Places that offer sights that more only see on the National Geographic channel.  Thailand Divers will make your dreams come true.

Similan island diving is one of the only places in the world where you are in crystal clear water which are around 28 - 30 degrees all year round.  Their reputation as one of the top ten places to dive is well deserved. Not only are these are the best islands in Thailand but some of the best in the world. 

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Now Its Possible to Do Your PADI Open Water Course In The Similan Islands.

Yes now it is possible to get your PADI open water certification while diving the best islands in Thailand. This has been some thing thats been quie hard to do for so many in the years gone by but now you can do your open water course in the similan islands.

There are many phuket dive shops all selling tours and liveaboards to the similans.  The big problem is these days many people are pushed for time as they only come to places like phuket Thailand for a week and then want to see as much as possible. The problem arises when they want to see the similan islands as this until now you need to be an open water certified diver to do so. Then the Open Water course takes three days. The other main issue is when a couple / group where one is certified and the other is not as that is when scuba diving Thailand became a headache.  But fear not as now Thailand Divers is offering PADI Open water courses in the similans. Now you can learn to dive in Phuket and dive in the Similan islands too.

Now you can have time to do the open water course phuket, dive the similans and do all the other things to do in phuket that you planed on the one trip. What we do is arrive at the dive centre by 9am in the morning for your pool and class sessions. Then we board the similan liveaboard in the late afternoon and head out to similan islands during the evening. This way you save on the cost of the hotel too. You have time to relax and settle in to your cabin and have dinner on the deck as the sun sets. The boat then arrive at the first location before you turn in for the night so in the morning when its time to dive you are fresh and well fed too. Now you are ready to the course.

Then after your first 4 dives of the trip you are certified and still have another five dive over the next day and a half to explore the best islands in Thailand.  The open water course phuket is available on certain trips and not all cruises are possible. To experience the similan islands diving on the open water course you need to do the 3 day three night trip or longer and you can then head on up to the Surin islands too as these are just as good diving too and then you get a day diving Richelieu rock which is one of the top ten dive sites of the world.

What better place is there to get your open water certification or to do any other course come to that than in the best islands in Thailand and that means the world. Just pop in to Thailand Divers which is known as very flexible Phuket dive center so you can arrange the trips and courses to suit you. Diving phuket is a world beating place to dive so why not learn to dive in one of the best places on earth.


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Where Is The Best Place To Go Scuba Diving In Thailand.?

After diving and working in Phuket Thailand for a good few years now and reading hundreds of blogs, stories and reports of hundreds of dive sites, resorts and boats I have come to the conclusion that there is not one "best location" for scuba diving Thailand.  They are all good. Ok on some days some locations are better than others but on other days then a different location is better.  So how do we work out which are the best islands in Thailand.

The Similan islands are considered to be the best diving phuket has to offer. However although most of the liveaboards do go to the similan islands but they also go to the Surin islands too. This is another national marine park just to the north of the similans.  The similan liveaboard trips most of the em anyway spend a day diving Richelieu rock. Now this is a great dive site. This is listed by national Geographic as one of the top ten locations in the world. On top of this it was also in Jaques Cousteau's top ten dive sites as well. If anyone should know where the best locations are then it will be him. No one has been to more places, done more for recreational diving or done more to bring the seas and oceans within the reach of all people as Jaques Cousteau.

Still this is not 100% right as every person is different. If you are a person who loves wreck diving then there is not much for you in the  similans. Yes you will have stunning reefs, almost unlimited sea life and a great place to improve your underwater photo collection but there is not much in the way of wrecks.  Again if you are a cave diver then other locations will suit you better. But the similan islands diving does tick all the boxes for most divers.

The boats that you will be on when on a liveaboard similan islands can not be beaten.  There is such a wide choice of boat from the length of the cruise to the standard of boat. There are boats with high class chefs, and stateroom style cabins on some boats to quad bunks on others. This does not matter as the diving is the same for all. Even on the budget boats the food is excellent, the cabins are all air con rooms and the boats all have plenty of room to relax between dives. If you are planing on diving in Thailand then it really is worth looking into a similan liveaboard as the cost for the liveaboard is the same as a couple of day trips plus a cheap guest house. If you then add the price of food plus the fact that you get 4 dives per day on a liveabaord it actually works out cheaper to go to the similans than to stay in Thailand Phuket especially.

So back to the top. Where is the best islands in Thailand when it come to scuba diving has to be Richelieu rock which is part of the Surin islands national park which is done onboard a similan islands diving liveaboard.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Is There A More Beautiful Place To Learn To Dive Than Phuket Thailand??

This is the big question for for so many people when they first start to think about scuba diving.  Many people on holiday discover scuba diving Phuket as do many other location run this experience day trip everyday of the year. Then you are hooked. But now you need to get certified. Where is the best location? Is it better to get certified at you local dive club and a gravel pit or flooded quarry and then go to the great exotic locations as a certified diver?? Or is it better to do the course in the location that you are going to for your holiday??

Ok so the real question is are you going to do more of your diving after you are certified in a quarry or are you going to do most of you diving in locations such as Phuket Thailand? As all good instructors and dive centers will tell you that the Open Water certification allows a person to dive to a depth of 18 meters in conditions similar to those in which they were trained. So the simple answer is if you intend to do your diving in a cold gravel pit with 1 meter vizability then the gravel pit is where you should learn to dive. But if you are wanting the warm tropical waters are your preferred place where you want to be doing your diving then you should learn to dive Phuket.

Learn to scuba dive phuket is a very simple thing to sign up for. The warm tropical waters have been a big draw for many years and as such, Thailand Divers has been teaching people diving in Thailand for many years. A good Phuket dive shop will have a course starting on any day you so choose. There are many things to do in Phuket so if you are in a group or family then there are plenty of other things that they can be doing at the same time.

Scuba diving Thailand offers some of the best diving in the world so why not learn to dive in Phuket where you can start with the best. For those of you that have experienced phuket diving before and now are looking to do the open water course phuket or are on holiday with other certified divers the it will be well worth looking at doing your course on a liveaboard to the similan islands.

These are the best islands in Thailand and also in the top ten diving locations in the world so where better to learn to dive.  The similans are only open six months of the year from mid October until min May so make sure you plan this when booking your trip to Thailand. A similan islands liveaboard for all level of diver will be a trip to remember. The clear blue waters that are 28 - 30 degrees all year. This is one of the few places that you are able to see Manta Ray and Whale sharks on the open water course. A phuket diving trips is not complete without a similan liveaboard trip.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Best Islands In Thailand Are About To Open For Another Great Season.

Its that time of year again. The big boats are getting their final polish and lick of paint. All the thousands of sets of rental scuba gear is being serviced and numbered. Yes the best islands in Thailand are about to open up for another season. On the 14th of October in under one months time the first boats will be departing for the Similan islands filled with eager divers wanting to be the first in the water for the start of the season on the 15th.  The hotels and guest houses of Phuket Thailand are getting booked and the whole island is gearing up for another great season.

The similans are always a massive draw as they offer some of the best diving in the world and its with easy reach of all the great resorts on Phuket.  There are many other things to do in phuket but for the the island of Phuket and the many Phuket dive shops the opening of the  similan islands liveaboard season marks the start of the "high season" .

This is not the case for most of Thailand Phuket itself still has to wait a few weeks till mid November for the whole island to start to get the high season vibe. But for all scuba diving phuket its a great feeling to be the first person to see the manta ray or whale shark in the similan islands which is why that first trip is alway one of great expectation.

The scuba diving Thailand has to offer is great no matter where you go compared to what most people have in their own countries but as what has been mentioned before the best islands in Thailand are the Similan islands and the Surin islands. This being the case makes them something special.  The warm clear blue water, the empty white sandy beaches, the banana trees lining the shore, blue sky overhead and the flat glass like sea that enables you to see the bottom some thirty meters below.  if you are lucky you will get a dolphin escort as you are cruising out to the first dive site. if this happens then for sure you are in for a great few days scuba diving phuket and the Similan islands.

Most similan liveaboard trips will spend a day or two in similan islands themselves before heading north to Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and the Surin islands and then the highlight for most is the day spent diving Richelieu Rock.  This was also listed in Jaques Cousteau's top ten of all time great dives and if anyone should know where to dive then he should know. When the trip reaches Koh Bon then you can expect to see a manta Ray or Whale shark at every location. This is where they love to be. Ok there are never promises but these great fish are seen in all locations from Koh Bon north very often indeed.

This amazing location for scuba diving in phuket is open from Mid October until mid May each year when it closes for another six months.  Being the great location it is then those who want the best and want to experience similan island diving need to think fast as the trips can get full very quickly. many people booking for the following year as they depart this year. Then times like Christmas and New year are being booked from 6 months in advance with the last spaces for this peak time going in September or early October. The one thing that can be sure is that once you have been on one of the many Thailand liveaboards to the similans then you will find it very hard to find somewhere better. this will be the bench mark for all other trips. Nothing else will quite hit the spot. this is the trip of a lifetime.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Great dive Sites Of Phuket Thailand And The Similan Islands

The Great dive Sites Of Phuket Thailand And The Similan Islands

The dive sites of Phuket Thailand has always been a big draw for scuba diving and for Phuket snorkel tours alike. What makes Thailand Phuket especially popular is the diving is easy with mild currents and shallow depths. Ok there are many other places with shallow diving but very few are as stunningly beautiful with such a varies sea life as when scuba diving Thailand.

When diving Phuket there are many choices. Do you dive the east side in the gulf of Thailand or the west side in the Andaman ocean?  What will follow will be a guide to let you know the best dive sites, the most popular dive sites, when is the best time to dive them to help you get the most out of the scuba diving Phuket has to offer. It does not matter if you have never tried it before or are an experienced diver diving in Thailand will will impress you.

This next dive site is one that will impress and all those people that are going to go on one of the Thailand liveaboards will end up here for sure. These are with out a doubt the best islands in Thailand for sure.

 East of Eden. 

East of Eden is located in the similan islands national park on the east side of island number seven. The islands name is Koh pa-Yu and the dive site runs north to south and is a great reef dive.  The similans are rated as some of the best diving in the world and with a name like East of  Eden  then you should be expecting something special and this similan dive site will not let you down.  The reef is a gentle sloping reef that ranges from 5 meters down to 40 meters. here you will find lots of  Staghorn coral with Blue coral mixed in with a smattering of sand and fire coral too. 

The highlight of this amazing dive site is a pinnacle called the orchid garden or Ruan Gluay- Mai.   Phuket diving has some amazing sights but there are few to match this. Similan islands diving is known for the amazing 40 meter visibility and stunning colours.  The orchid garden on similan island number 7 will prove why the national park has such a high reputation with all scuba divers.  The pinnacle starts at around 20 meters depth and the top is around 12 meters. The Pinnacle is covered in many soft corals or many different colours and huge sea fans. Then in the shallow areas there is what can only be called a lawn. This is made up of green grass like soft corals which make the whole area look like a Japanese garden in full bloom.  its places like this that give the Similan and Surin islands their well deserved reputation. 

Due to the shallow depths and mild currents its another ideal dive site for beginner or those divers who have just completed their open water course phuket and want to see just how good scuba diving can be.  As with all liveaboard Similan islands the best way to dive here is from a similan islands liveaboard. East of Eden can be done on certain days of the week as a day trip from Thailand divers or other good Phuket dive center.

Both the Similan islands and surin islands are a marine national park and are only opened for 6 months a year. The season is from mid October till mid May.  Similan islands diving can be enjoyed on a day trip as mentioned before but a Phuket liveaboard is the best option as you get far more value as much of the cost is taken up with the transfers and national park fees.  There are many similan liveaboards to choose from ranging from overnight to a massive 10 days. Just contact any dive shop phuket has a few good ones with a live chat on their website so you can discuss options before arriving. There are many boats and cruises to choose from so a good phuket dive shop should have trips departing everyday so make sure you get the trip you need and not what they want to sell.  This way you can be sure to get the trips to places like East of Eden or any other of the better  locations you will see when scuba diving Thailand.. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Similan Islands. Experience The Worlds Best Diving

The Similan islands in the Andaman ocean is just off the west coast of Phuket Thailand. Here you can experience some of the best diving our blue ocean world has to offer. We are the lucky few who can take full advantage of all our planet has to offer as 70% of our world is ocean and most people are happy living on just 30% of the planet. Thats a shame as the similan island national park is some of the best diving there is. The other great thing is its is very easy diving and well within the limits of the people who have just done their open water  course phuket and now want to explore.  The similans are possible in a day trip from phuket but the far better way to see the best islands in Thailand is on a similan island liveaboard.

What makes similan islands diving so good? Well for one its the amazing dive sites. Great coral reefs made of both hard and soft corals. Crystal clear waters where 40 meter visibility is the norm rather than the exception. May be the fact that when in phuket diving in Thailand the water is around 28 or 29 degrees for most of the year. At shallower depths its can reach 31 degrees in the latter end of the season.

The best thing for many is its just one of many things to do in phuket. A few days on the beach followed by a couple of days where you can learn to dive phuket has some great local diving and then a couple of days out on a very comfortable boat exploring the islands. The similan liveaboard boats all have great chefs onboard and the amount of food available will mean a diet when you leave.  This way you can relax on the sundecks between dives or just chill in the main shaded eating area or even have a nap in your air conditioned cabin. The scuba diving thailand has to offer will really take some beating.

When in phuket diving from these great boats in the similans, in the warm clear waters, you will really not want to stop. Drifting along with minimal effort past the turtles munching on the bubble corals past the thousands os tiny reef fish. Great hard coral out crops with Nemo and his friends going about their everyday lives. There really is do much colour here that you will not believe your eyes. The one thing you do need here is a camera. Dont worry if you are not used to it. The similan islands have such great light and the creatures so relaxed that you will have time to get great shots.

The similan islands are open from the 15th of October each year and close again on the 15th May. This is to give the reefs and fish a chance to relax and have a break from the divers each year. This is one reason why the diving here is so good. The down side is that you do need to book in advance. You may be lucky and get a space at the last minute but if you are wanting one of the main holiday periods like Christmas, new year or Chinese new year then you need to think about booking well in advance.

Most good phuket dive shops will have many options for you with trips departing everyday and for different length trips. These range from overnight to a massive 10 days or more. Different boats too that can suit all budgets. Just ask any good dive shop phuket and they can advise you on all the options available to you. The similan islands are not a place that you want to miss.